Pocket Park

How to find the park

Access via Short Lane. Footpath (KF17) runs from the village towards Denton. Nene Way (KF15) runs through the village and connects to the Pocket Park via Station Road.

Pocket Park

History of the park

Previously the site was used for ironstone extraction for buildings in the village. The land is on the Compton Estate which adjoins Castle Ashby House in an area which could not be used for agriculture. It also contains a ford and the remains of the old ironstone railway

In 1984 Cogenhoe was one of the first Pocket Parks to be set up under Northamptonshire County Council's scheme.

How the volunteers manage the park

Cogenhoe or Short Lane Pocket Park is a beautiful woodland with a stream and pond and is managed for the enjoyment of the public and the protection of wildlife.

The park is divided into two areas:

  • A byway leading to farm buildings and fields, this passes through the ford and the banks are mown.
  • A broad gully dominated by ash trees and to the southern end aspen and poplars.

In general the spinney has been left to its own devices, but maintained in such a way to allow safe access. A quarter of the spinney has been coppiced to allow for natural regeneration and replanted with trees typical of this part of Northamptonshire. The pond, which is popular with breeding amphibians is kept as natural as possible.

Get involved!

If you would like to get involved with the management of the Pocket Park, please contact us on 07512 045418.

The Pocket Park is there for the enjoyment of the community, so please use the form below to tell us what you think and any ideas you have to improve it.

We also collate information for any wildlife sightings, so please let us know what you have seen (ideally with a description of what you've seen and the nearest post number to describe where you've seen it). You can also upload a photo of your sighting.

Please tell us what you've seen and where you've seen it (you can use the nearest post number to help identify the location)

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