Remember to register with reminders

Posted: Thu, 05 Oct 2017 17:28 by Deborah Rush

Remember to register with reminders

Reminder forms are being sent to 14,431 voters across South Northamptonshire urging them to confirm or update their details on the electoral register.

Back in August, South Northamptonshire Council (SNC) wrote to 40,309 properties across the area as part of the national electoral registration canvass which requires people to update their details every year.

Those who failed to respond will now be sent a reminder form asking them to confirm their details ahead of a door knocking campaign which will commence at the end of October.

Yvonne Rees, Returning Officer for South Northamptonshire, said: "We don't want anyone to miss the opportunity to update their details, so as well as receiving a form you may well meet one of our friendly officers knocking on your door.

"Forms can go missing or get hidden under piles of paperwork, so if you see it - fill it in!

"By updating your details not only are you getting the right to vote, it can also improve your credit rating.

"It is a legal requirement to keep your details up to date, so by taking action now you've got one less thing to worry about."

People can confirm or update their details online, by using the text or phone numbers provided or by returning a signed form in the enclosed self-addressed envelope.

Those who live in new-build properties may not have received a registration letter or reminder letter as the address may not have been included upon the system. Anyone who is unsure should contact the council directly to request a form or check if their details have been included.

From Friday, 27 October, electoral canvassers employed by SNC will begin a four week door knocking campaign to target properties which have not responded to either the original or reminder forms. The team will be identifiable by high visibility jackets and photographic identification containing the council's logo.

Anyone who has not received a form by Wednesday, 11 October should contact SNC by emailing or by calling 01327 322128 to request a form to be sent out manually.

To register online, visit

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