Cllr Jeremy Cunnington

Cllr Jeremy Cunnington

Jez's register of interests can be found on the West Northants website.


Weston Favell Prep School, Spratton Hall, Wellingborough School and then Exeter University where I studied Geography.


Following 20 years working for Novacroft (a local software solution company), I've moved into the role of Business Analysis Manager for Staysure in April 2021.

Personal circumstances

I was born in Northampton and grew up in Cogenhoe. I moved away to Exeter for three years and then returned to Cogenhoe in 2001 with my partner, now wife, Tracey. We now have a daughter at Wollaston and a son at the local school.


My family has owned property in Church Street since the 1920s and I have a renewed love for the village since having children and gaining an appreciation for how lucky we are to live in a quiet rural location. My paternal grandparents lived near Brixham in Devon and I have a real affinity with the westcountry.


I used to be a very keen surfer/body boarder and mountain biker, but living close to the geographical centre of the country means that the surfing has suffered in recent years and been replaced with kayaking on the Nene.

I have been fortunate enough to travel around the world for 9 months with my wife as well as driving 10,000 miles around the USA and Canada, driving from Seattle to San Francisco and driving around Europe.

My dad lives in Cape Town, so we have also been to South Africa several times.

I'm a very keen (but not very good) tennis player.

Council Role


Parish Area

Orchard Way 1 – 21, Orchard Way 2 - 32, Brafield Road, York Avenue


Pocket Park Committee - Chairman
School Liaison
Speed monitoring device

Why I joined the Council

I have strong ties to the village and wanted the opportunity to contribute. I'm hoping that I may be able to represent the views, opinions and ideas of many of the residents who have children.